Space Dancing!
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March 17, 2003 (Australia) September 9, 2003 (United States) February 18, 2008 (United Kingdom)

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Space Dancing! is the fourteenth Wiggles video. This is also the 1st Wiggles video to feature the characters being animated. It only features 7 songs (the shortest DVD to feature a little amount of songs).


The Wiggles present a 3D CGI cartoon video about going into space through Jeff's dream.

Song ListEdit

  1. The Zeezap Song
  2. What's This Button For?
  3. Eagle Rock (Featuring Ross Wilson)
  4. Fergus' Jig
  5. Dance Your Gloomies Away
  6. Going Home
  7. The Zeezap Song (Instrumental) (end credits)

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Also FeaturingEdit

  • Greg Page, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Anthony Field - Zeezaps
  • Greg Page, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Anthony Field - Cows
  • Paul Paddick - Poster Performer
  • Ryan DeSaulnier - Ship's Computer
  • Leeanne Ashley - Motion Capture Performer
  • Paul Paddick - Motion Capture Performer
  • Paul Field - The Gloomies
  • Jacqueline Field - The Teeny Weenies
  • Kathleen Warren (II) - The Teeny Weenies
  • Benj Daddario - The Teeny Weeniest

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Space Dancing was released by VHS and DVD by HIT Entertainment and Jim Henson Home Entertainment in March 2003 in the US Canada and February 2008 in the UK and Ireland. It was reissued in the US and Canada in October 2007, and again in September 2007 as another "big burst" for Hit Entertainment before it was scrapped in January 2007 on Warner Bros.



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