Dorothy The Dinosaur TV Series 3 is the third Dorothy The Dinosaur TV series. A DVD was released in 2012 of a collection of all the episodes titled Dorothy The Dinosaur's Wonderful World!


  1. Rosy Tea With Fairy Maria!
  2. Bunny Rabbits!
  3. Shoe Shop Shine!
  4. Dorothy's Indian Gift
  5. Fairy Clare Goes To Ireland
  6. Walking WIth WWags
  7. Egyptian Papyrus!
  8. New Zealand Adventure!
  9. Dorothy Goes To The Grocer
  10. Dorothy And Lucia In Italy
  11. England Swings!
  12. Floral Fun!
  13. Elf Antonio Goes To Greece
  14. Dorothy And The Didgeridoo
  15. Yummy Canada Syrup
  16. Spain Is Great!
  17. Vive La France!
  18. Fairy Clare's Ice Cream
  19. Dorothy Loves Hawaii
  20. Koala Time!
  21. Dorothy Goes To The Florist
  22. Burgers In The USA!
  23. Sunny South Africa
  24. Pretty Peru
  25. Elf Antonio At The Toy Shop
  26. Sensational Scotland